Thursday, October 16, 2008

Biru Mata Itam Ku...

Saat yg paling ngeri spjg kursus ni.. penilaian individu.. public speaking.. bab2 nak berckp omputih mmg meremangg.. maklumlah bila org nak tgok org yg tak pernah ber"speaking" .. siang mlm menghafal skrip..dah tua2 ni semuanye jadi lembab.. black wed yg ditunggu pun smpi.. public speaking pun menjadi public reading..hahaha..Jutaan terima kasih pada my best friend.. LILI ..yg edit n email skrip ni.. TQ..TQ..TQ... balik kursus I belanja mkn yer...n Mr Puran n Mr Diva.. TQ

Very good morning to evaluaters and my fellow friends. Allow me to present my personal views on what makes a good leader.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, a leader is described as a person who takes charge and leads his team. However, you're considered a leader if you can empower your subordinates and rely on their own ability to make decisions for the team. Every leader must have some essential qualities and that he/she can become a good role model for the followers, his movement will be keenly watched by others. Therefore a leader must be careful in doing things.
Leaders are not born , leaders are made through hard work. Hence hard work and intelligence are the important leadership characteristics. A leader must make decisions after analyzing each and every aspect of the situation and must be able to use common sense in accomplishing complex tasks.

My dear listeners, a good leader must be able to motivate her team members to get success.She must create task excitement and confidence in accomplishing a task. She must be easily approachable, friendly but not too easy-going; otherwise, she may jeopardize the project. A great leader is one who is a master in the art of communication. She must be ready to listen to her team members. A two-way communication is therefore essential in leadership.
Now, another trait of wonderful leadership is the capacity to use the full potentials of the members. The leader must give opportunities to the team members to prove their skills. Ladies and gentlemen, here lies the greatest test of a good leader. He must be confident enough to allow his members to show and use their potentials to the fullest.The trademark of a good leader is one who is able to raise up more good leaders.
A great leader is one who guides a team and not rules the team. Providing a trusting and open environment to the team members is one of the crucial leadership characteristics. I believe he should offer an environment to the team members where they can learn and grow.
Ladies and gentlemen, an excellent leader will have a strong sense of vision. Be forward-looking. Set goals and have a vision of the future. The vision must be owned throughout the organization. What this means is that, everyone in your organization must know the goal and realise their part in achieving that goal. That is why in school, our principal will have two major meetings with his staff, one before the beginning of a new school year and another before the school closes. The first is to motivate each member of the staff towards the same vision and later, an appraisal. Effective leaders envision what they want and how to get it. They must be goal-oriented and must be able to strive hard to achieve the goals.
The next quality of an excellent leader; that is courage. An outstanding leader is one who has courage to face challenges. Risk taking is a crucial characteristic of a leader. He must be able to make changes and to accept changes. One cannot hide in the closet and expect others to listen to him. A leader cannot afford to be weak or allow others to be weak.
Inspiring – A good leader must display this trait. A good leader should show confidence in all that he does. By showing endurance in mental, physical, and spiritual stamina, you will inspire others to reach for new heights. Take charge when necessary. Inspiration is not about the 'feel-good' words that you throw here and there at your team members, it is lived. You have to display it in your actions and behaviour. A leader needs to inspire others to move forward and take on difficulties as if they are just stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.
My next point is an effective leader must be an optimist. A person who can see light at the end of the tunnel. He/She does not give up, neither will he/she allow his team members to lose heart. A great leader always views an obstacle as a way to a new direction. You cannot say No to people like this. They just take your No as a big YES to another open door. If you close the door, they will just look for any window of opportunities. They are the do-or-die type of people, bigger than life.
Ladies n gentlemen, a good leader must be proactive too. This is a very familiar term. I'm sure my fellow participants have used it on their students. And it is a good reminder too. A leader must take charge and be in control of her environment, rather than letting it control her. Be proactive, don't be reactive.
In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, many people claim that effective leaders are born naturally. However, as I have shown you, the characteristics of good leadership can be developed through constant practice. Constant practice leads to continuous improvement. The quest for continuous improvement is one secret of a reliable leader.
Thank you


hana said...

tgh membayangkan nih tgh public reading! ehehehe

dZana said...

hahaha...mula tu dah ingat separuh.. tiba hr kejadian.. terus blackout..

dZana said...

hahaha...mula tu dah ingat separuh.. tiba hr kejadian.. terus blackout..


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